Webinars from Clean Energy States Alliance

Crowd-Financing Solar for Nonprofits Serving Low-Income Communities

Thursday, May 25th 1-2pm:  Nonprofit community service providers that serve low-income communities have faced challenges in financing solar for their own facilities. In this webinar, Andreas Karelas, the Executive Director of RE-volv, and Todd Bluechel, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CollectiveSun, will present two models that rely on crowd-funding to enable nonprofits to adopt solar. Read more and register.

Community Solar for Low- and Moderate-Income Consumers

Thursday, June 1, 1-2pm: Because community solar can be made accessible to renters and can include flexible terms, it holds promise for spreading the benefits of solar to low- and moderate-income (LMI) consumers. In this webinar, guest speakers from Solstice and from Alpine Bank will present two financially sustainable models for making community solar more available to LMI consumers. Read more and register.

Utility-Driven Solar Projects for Low-Income Consumers

Thursday, June 8, 1-2pm:  Some utilities have begun developing solar projects specifically to serve low-income customers and underrepresented neighborhoods. This webinar features two utility pilot projects that are installing solar panels on rooftops in low-income neighborhoods. Guest speakers from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in Buffalo, New York and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in California will present. Read more and register.