Solar Installers

A large part of the decision to go solar is the selection of a solar installers. Solar installers are businesses that contract directly with the customer and install the solar systems. Solar installers can help provide resources such as financing options, solar site assessments, and maintenance options that are critical to going solar. Below is a list of solar installers that have been in contact with the Solar Workgroup and have expressed interest in the region’s solar industry potential. Be sure to check out this resource from Solar United Neighbors on How to Spot Solar Scams.

Free Site
Baseline SolarBlacksburg,
(540) 552-1511
Blue Ridge SunsMax Meadows,
(828) 215-0515
Design 1 Solar Group Inc. Cedar Bluff, VAXX
(844) 765-2755
Ecological Energy SystemsBristol, VAXX(423) 573-4361
Solar ConexionsBlacksburg,
(540) 961-5120
Solshine Energy AlternativesCheck,
(540) 808-9502
The above table of installers is ordered alphabetically, and does not indicate preference.
Interested parties are encouraged to shop around for the installer that best fits their needs.