The Solar Workgroup of Southwest Virginia is developing a locally rooted solar industry as a regional economic and social catalyst, creating jobs and energy savings, as well as attracting renewable energy investments and new business opportunities to Southwest Virginia.

My Solar Neighbors

In 2019, the Cummins family installed the first half of their solar array in Clintwood, VA. At just under five kilowatts, the solar panels are already providing significant reductions in the home’s utility bills throughout the year. In June of 2021, the home hosted Clintwood’s first solar open house to help inform local residents about solar energy. The Cummins’ plan to expand the array, doubling its size and output, in the coming years.

“It will be a year or two before I know for sure, but I believe the system on a yearly basis will produce as much as I use. Right now, It is nice just having the $13.50 ODP bill each month.”


Residential Solar Financing 101 Webinar

Appalachian Voices and The Solar Workgroup hosted a webinar on “Residential Solar Financing 101: Building and Benefitting” with guest speakers from the IRS and Solar United Neighbors. Access the presentation slides and resources here.

Goal 1: Install Solar

Identify and develop sites that are ideal for solar development, making SWVA a hub for solar energy

Goal 2: Workforce

Grow workforce development and entrepreneurship opportunities to advance solar projects and maximize local benefits.

Goal 3: Education & Outreach

Expand education and outreach in communities and with local leaders around solar benefits and opportunities.

Goal 4: Policy

Promote policy changes that will help grow the solar and energy storage industries in Southwest Virginia.

Solar Workgroup Vision

Two solar programs you need to learn more about.

Securing Solar for Building Owners in SWVA

Appalachian Solar Finance Fund

is a financial and technical assistance program that catalyzes solar projects in coal-impacted communities across Central Appalachia.

Solar Programs and Financial Incentives

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Resources for Schools and Local Governments

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Shared Solar for Southwest Virginia

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