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“Our solar array is the best investment that we’ve ever made. Our electric bills generally are less than nine dollars a month now because we did remain on the grid. With prices going down I’m sure people will pay even less than we did and save lots of money.”

Laurel & Anthony

Goal 1 Strategies

Identify and develop sites that are ideal for solar development, making SWVA a hub for solar energy development.

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A. Identify and develop high-impact distributed solar projects.


B. Support the process to identify and develop utility-scale solar sites.


C. Identify financing options.


D. Act as a neutral hub to help connect property owners, developers, financiers.

The Utility-Scale Solar Playbook

The Solar Workgroup, in partnership with SolSmart and the Solar Foundation, has created an introductory guide for local governments to facilitate large-scale solar projects in Southwest Virginia. In a region that has a long history of energy production, solar technology offers enormous potential for economic development and job growth.

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