The Appalachian Power (APCo) VML/VACo Steering Committee is a committee of local government representatives that negotiate the contract for electricity services with APCo on behalf of all local governments in Appalachian Power territory. Each local government technically has a designated contact on the Steering Committee; however, local governments must pay a fee to the Steering Committee to support attorney fees and other costs associated with negotiating the contract. Unfortunately, the list of designated contacts is kept confidential and not released to the public. The individuals below are those who participated in the meetings in 2019.

Read more about the background and purpose of the APCo VML/VACo Steering Committee here.

C. James Ervin (Chair)Town of Rocky
Mark JamisonCity of RoanokeDirector of Public
Laura CariniCity of RoanokeDeputy City
Sarah CarterTown of
Dean LynchVirginia Association of CountiesExec.
Scott ShirleyWest Virginia Water
Chris WhitlowFranklin
John ClarkTown of
Michelle GowdyVirginia Municipal LeagueExecutive
Sandra HarringtonVirginia Municipal LeagueGovernment Relations
Robert D. PerrowWilliams MullenLegal Counsel for the Steering
John L. Walker, IIILegal Counsel for the Steering
Richard CaywoodCounty of Roanoke Assistant County
Scott WoodrumMontgomery CountyDirector of Environmental
Phyllis ErricoVirginia Association of
Carol DavisBlacksburgSustainability
Pete PetersTown of VintonActing Town
Michael HatfieldWise CountyCounty
Nell BoyleCity of